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Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI)
2 day ground school   8am – 5pm
(Sat & Sun)


Fundamentals of Instructing manual

For just $349 you receive the Fundamental of Instructing manual containing the actual FAA questions and answers with full explanations.  Price includes manual and all study material.  There are no hidden fees. Our highly structured course is designed with the student in mind. 

Fundamentals of Instructing  - course content

The test contains 50 questions chosen from a data base, and you are allowed 1.5 hours to complete the test.  The minimum passing score is 70%.  This class is ONLY for the students pursuing the initial flight or ground instructor certificate.  Sunday night testing will be available (test fees paid to the testing center, prices may vary).

Topics covered include:

  • Learning Process
  • Human Behavior
  • Effective Communication
  • The Teaching Process
  • Teaching Methods
  • Critique and Evaluation
  • Instructional Aid and Training Technologies
  • Instructor responsibilities and Professionalism
  • Techniques of Flight Instruction
  • Planning Instructional Activity


Sample Fundamental of Instructing Question

Which statement is true about an instructor’s critique of a student’s performance?

a.         Praise for praise’s sake is of  value.
b.         It should be constructive and objective.
c.         It should treat every aspect of the performance in detail.

(b)         For a critique to be effective, it should be both constructive and objective.


Overnight lodging is available at the American Airlines Training Center located at 4501 Highway 360 South, Ft. Worth, TX.   Make your reservation by calling  817-956-1000.  Free shuttle transportation to and from the DFW Airport is available. 


Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) $349
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Held at the American Airlines® Training Center. Ft. Worth, TX

The American Airlines Training Center is located 5 minutes south of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The facility is located off two major highways – Highway 183 and Highway 360 – connecting Fort Worth and Dallas.


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